We stock equipment from a wide range of international suppliers – some are listed below…

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Time to get Padded Up!

Our Bat Repair Services


We fit only the highest quality  Sarawak Cane handles imported from India. The shape of the handle can be made to your requirement in different configurations (Oval to Round, Round to Round and any custom shape)

Restoration and Cloning

We restore that old faithful bat that scored all those runs in high school to trophy condition. Want your net-bat to be 100% the same as your match bat?, we can clone bats to feel exactly the same.


The utmost care is taken when we refurbish a bat to ensure the weight change does not exceed 14 grams.

Tuff Toe©

The Legendary Tuff Toe© by OTC was developed not only to protect against moisture ingress, but also increases to strength of the to up to 30%  (tested by independent authority). It is moulded onto the toe and carries a life long warranty.

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