• Ensure that your bat is properly knocked in and prepared before use.
  • Use only refined RAW Linseed oil or TCS Bat Wax to “oil” your bat. Do not over oil – once in four months should be fine.
  • Make sure your bat is clean before use by wiping with damp cloth to remove loose dirt.
  • Store your bat in a bat sleeve when not in use.
  • Ensure the grip is in good condition to protect handle bindings. Repair handle bindings immediately when loose.
  • Ensure toe guard is in good condition to avoid moisture ingress.
  • Fit your bat with good quality scuff cover and fibreglass mesh edge tape.
  • Inspect your bat regularly for hair line and edge cracks. Consult TCS staff if required.
  • Place bat in humid environment like bathroom for 24 hours at least once per month to ensure wood moisture content remains above 12%.
  • Service your bat at least once every four months or at the start of new season.

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