A2 VERTEX – Cricket Bat


Model: A2 VERTEX
Size: SH
Details: – The finest Grade 2 English willow is sourced to create the Vertex Range of Bats.
– The profiles in the vertex range have been optimised for shorter format of the game.
– The bat features a shorter blade, longer handle with extra wood added to the sweet spot.
– The shape is carefully handcrafted to provide improved bat speed and maximum performance from the willow.
– The swell of the bat is greatly enhanced accentuating the power that is generated, offering massive bats with light pick-ups.
– The bat is handcrafted from the raw cleft and features a semi duck-bill profile.
– All bats in the vertex range have negligible concaving, offering a great balance and power in each stroke.
– The bat is pressed to perfection and finished to give the signature A2 finish.
– The entire experience of this explosive bat is completed with the use of a hybrid grip and a clear toe protection.

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