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Details: SWEET SPOT POSITION = Mid/Low: A highly popular sweet spot position designed for the slow and low wickets we experience in the U.K. This position is ideal for those who like to play on the front foot and straight down the ground, whilst still obtaining the benefits of a mid sweet spot. Also, this is a perfect bat for the subcontinent wickets.

EDGES = Sizeable: The Supreme bats head towards that 40mm mark that has now become regulation. That said, the edge sizes can fluctuate a few mm depending on weight and density of cleft. Sizeable edges make for a more forgiving cricket bat with a wider sweet spot.

SPINE HEIGHT = Medium: The medium spine allows for a longer hitting zone, above and below the sweet spot, combining with the thick and consistent edges to create an even larger hitting zone.

PROFILE SHAPE = Full: The full players seen in the Supreme is the most popular profile around, especially amongst. It is the most forgiving and the most powerful profile. The fullness of the profile allows for a wide sweet spot, ensuring that even a mistimed shot gets maximum power.

HANDLE TYPE = Slight Oval: The slight oval handle is suited for all types of players – those who are bottom hand dominant and those who prefer a more controlled stroke play.

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