NB CK10V5 SPIKES- Cricket Shoes


Brand: New Balance
Model: CK10V5
Size: UK6, UK6.5, UK7, UK8, UK8.5, UK10, UK12, UK12.5
Colour: White/Blue
  • Designed for cricket players,
  • the CK10v5 features a mesh upper for a lasting locked-in fit that delivers both comfort and durability.
  • These men’s cricket shoes also include a metal spike out sole for superior traction,
  • so you don’t need to hold back on the pitch.
  • Features
  • Mesh upper fused with film for durability. cleanability, and zonal support
  • Metal spike outsole for superior traction
  •   496 grams (17.5 oz)
  • Material
  • Synthetic/mesh upper with zonal support
  • Style #: CK10R5


Product image is for illustration purposes only and actual product colours may differ slightly.

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NB CK10V5 SPIKES- Cricket Shoes
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