“Look after your bat and it will look after you”

Cricket bats are made from willow and cane and these natural raw materials will deteriorate with usage, this is what we call ‘wear and tear’.

Generations of cricketers have realised that when a piece of willow is repeatedly hit by a cricket ball then eventually the bat will wear out and start to show signs of ageing. Each piece of willow is different and therefore it is hard to accurately predict the lifespan of a cricket bat.

We understand the heart-break batsmen feel when their favourite bat breaks! With this in mind and to prolong the life of your bat, it is very important to prepare it for match play properly and look after it correctly.

We offer best of repairs and refurbishments. We are very proud to have Mr. Ivan Du Toit and his team as our technical side. Ivan stared his bat repairing art in 2013 as a hobby in an attempt to prolong the life of cricket bats and in so doing reduce the ever increasing cost associated with the sport of cricket. Ivan soon realized that the standard methods of bat repair and protection currently being deployed in the industry simply did not yield the desired results.

He applied his background in mechanical engineering and polymer/glue technologies and devised completely radical application methods using cutting edge materials.

After studying bat making in India at the feet of Master Bat Makers, a deep understanding of cricket bats and different types of bats assisted him in being able to design and manufacture bespoke bats. Our cricket bat workshop is staffed by skilled bat makers taught by Ivan.

We encourage “out of the box” thinking and new methods and materials are trialed and perfected on a regular basis.

The Team

The Team


The Legend


The Decorator




The Protea

Bat repairs


We fit only the highest quality  Sarawak Cane handles imported from India. The shape of the handle can be made to your requirement in different configurations (Oval to Round, Round to Round and any custom shape)

Restoration and Cloning

We restore that old faithful bat that scored all those runs in high school to trophy condition. Want your net-bat to be 100% the same as your match bat?, we can clone bats to feel exactly the same.


The utmost care is taken when we refurbish a bat to ensure the weight change does not exceed 14 grams.


The Legendary Tuff Toe© by OTC was developed not only to protect against moisture ingress, but also increases to strength of the to up to 30%  (tested by independent authority). It is moulded onto the toe and carries a life long warranty.



Book Your Bat in for Repairs

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cricket bat rehandle
(i) If any additional defects are discovered the client will be contacted for further instructions.
(ii) Certain bat stickers may be more expensive to source.
(iii) All bat repairs carry a 3 month warranty on workmanship.
(iv) Bat repair time – 7 to 14 working days.
(v) 24 Hour turnaround time – 30% additional charge, bats to be delivered to Boksburg workshop.


    Repair options:

    Removal of all artwork (R70)Removal of scuff sheet only (R50)Bamboo dowel (R15)Finish bare areas only (R65)Insurance inspection (R90)Finish & Polish (R230)

    Rehandle (Blank Bat / No Grip) (R680)Indoor Bat Rehandle (R300)Rebind handle (R70)Repair delaminated handle & rebind (R170)Refit loose handle & rebind (R175)Fit 38mm knob on end of handle (R75)Handle profiling and stiffening (R180)

    BLADE Repair options:

    Knock in and prepare bat (R230)Pro player knocking (R390)FULL workshop refurbishment (Blank bat/No Grip) (R480)MINI Refurbishment (Reface + scuff sheet) (R250)Primary Crack repair (R230)Secondary edge crack repair (R95)Repair delaminated face and re-press (R275)Fit scuff sheet and edge tape (R75)Weight and dimension change (R350)Bat stickers (depending on availability) (R350)Application of Stickers (R25)Customization (R450)Re-edge or replacement of part of blade - English Willow (R350)

    TOE Repair options:

    Toe guard - TUFF-TOE© (R115)Toe Replacement (R350)Rebuild splintered toe (R275)Cricket Stump repair (R80)




    DROP-OFF: I will drop the bat off at The Cricket Shop (Boksburg)COURIER: Please arrange a courier for collection


    Bat Care Guidelines

    • Ensure that your bat is properly knocked in and prepared before use.
    • Use only refined RAW Linseed oil or TCS Bat Wax to “oil” your bat. Do not over oil – once in four months should be fine.
    • Make sure your bat is clean before use by wiping with damp cloth to remove loose dirt.
    • Store your bat in a bat sleeve when not in use.
    • Ensure the grip is in good condition to protect handle bindings. Repair handle bindings immediately when loose.
    • Ensure toe guard is in good condition to avoid moisture ingress.
    • Fit your bat with good quality scuff cover and fibreglass mesh edge tape.
    • Inspect your bat regularly for hair line and edge cracks. Consult TCS staff if required.
    • Place bat in humid environment like bathroom for 24 hours at least once per month to ensure wood moisture content remains above 12%.
    • Service your bat at least once every four months or at the start of new season.